Teaching Is For Me


It’s been a few days since my last post, so this one may be lengthy. Sorry, but I gotta get it out of me, ya know?

I started school on Monday and I LOVE my classes so far. They are all geared towards my Education major, so that’s the main reason I enjoy them so much.
-Dr. Kathy Fite (here’s an article of hers)(Curriculum and Instruction 3310) is my favorite teacher so far. She reminds me of Paula Deen (who I love) and she used to knit… must get her back! lol. She’s amazingly professional but a wonderful human being at the same time; easy enough, but she does it with a southern grace.
My other classes seem fun, and they all have a lot of projects. The projects are challenging but fun at the same time, and also help me to build somewhat of a survival kit for when I become a teacher without supervision.

Either way, I am extremely excited about becoming a teacher. I am well aware of the fact it is not rainbows and sunshine all the time, but that’s life to begin with. I love being able to guide children and open their little minds up to the possibilities of the world around them.

I am working on 4 projects at the moment… as I usually do. They are usually for different instances of knitting atmospheres.
1. Tablecover for my Mom’s desk: TV/group knitting where stockinette rules.
2. Logan’s Pullover: My first big project, also tv knitting (for now)
3. Longies (pants) for the kiddos: This project is challenging me to learn new techniques such as short rows and gussets.
4. Hat: for the class on Tuesday. I will be teaching a “Knit Hats” class at TKN to show students how to knit on circulars as well as decrease. Crazy, huh? I’m excited!

Logan will be 3 years old in a few weeks, and I’m uber excited about it!! We’re having a train come to our neighborhood (mini street train… no tracks or anything), and the theme is based on Thomas the Train. I am so excited to see his little face light up on that day. He LOVES trains.
Owen is 14 months old today, and he’s almost walking now, but not quite! He’s more of a daredevil than Logan was, and he is certainly the curtain climber of the family. ;)

I hope all is well. Much love – Steph -

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2 thoughts on “Teaching Is For Me

  1. When you list all the things you’re doing, it makes me tired! Happy birthday to Logan. What is it with little boys and trains? I loved them, too, when I was his age.

  2. Christina

    OMgosh Logan is going to adore that train!! How awesome!

    What longie pattern are you using? We could do a longie project together =D I’ve been wanting to make some forever…it’s actually why I learned to knit.

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