Two Steps Back


I’m sure I cause confusion on a regular basis, so here I go again.

Remember how I changed my major to become an Early Childhood Educator?  Well, I think I’m gonna change again. I know, I know. . . but I’m still going to be a teacher!! I think I will try to be a music teacher/band director.  I’ve LOVED music all of my life, and was involved in band as soon as I hit 6th grade.
I continued music through high school (I played Bb Clarinet) and I still love it today.

So to get into the music education program I have to audition. . . on March 1st. EEK! So my clarinet is in the shop right now to get the pads fixed, and we’ll see how it goes. ;)  I’m really excited about it.  My parents think I’m making a mistake… but we’ll see.  If I don’t get into the program, then I’ll know it’s not the right path to choose, however, if I do get in – watch out, here I come!!

Next: I’m back on MySpace.  As Jessica calls it “The dark side” lol…. I just missed looking at my friends’ pages who weren’t on facebook, plus, myspace lets me be more creative. ;)  So, if you’re on myspace look me up!

That’s it for now… :)

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