MY Summer Curriculum


I recently became addicted to podcasts, and Stash and Burn in particular. I’m trying to catch up on all of the podcasts by listening to them at night before I go to bed. This is the most opportune time because I have the least chance of being disturbed by certain small people in the house, and it is also my time for knitting and crocheting.
Well, tonight I listened to the Episode 09: Spring, Sprang, Sprung where Jenny traveled to my little hometown of Austin, Texas! I was really excited! She mentioned a few friends of mine, and I’m delighted to keep such great company. :)
Jenny was impressed by the “stashless Staci“; Julia and Caro. Well, Caro isn’t in Austin anymore, but she was at the time! We miss you!

Overall, I’m thoroughly enjoying all these knitting podcasts. I have also started listening to Cast On with Brenda Dayne, and I’m debating on Lime ‘n Violet. I have them all downloaded, just haven’t really listened to them yet.

I’m really happy with the outcome of the yarn I dyed on Sunday. Whaddya think? I think I’m ready to try some acid dyeing… but I just WISH I had the set up for it. Scout has one of the best (read: most favorite!) set-ups I’ve seen. It’s tremendously inspiring.

First up, Neopolitano (before and after re-skeining)
100% peruvian wool – worsted:

Neopolitano Neopolitano

And there is also this beauty:
Irish Spring (superwash sock yarn)

Irish Spring Irish Spring

I’m really pleased with both. Not sure what I’m gonna do yet with the Neopolitano, but I have a couple of ideas.
And I REALLY love the green and brown together. I’m on a green kick right now for some reason.
Maybe I’ll make a Babette Blanket?? Or sell it, or socks? I dunno yet. It’s still too fresh ;) .

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