On the Road – Day 3


We’re not technically “on the road” right now because we’re staying in Taos until Tuesday. But for the sake of titles… “On the Road” seems appropriate.

Today I went to meet a few family members, and that was nice. However, the real excitement was when I went to some of the local fiber shops!! (Is that awful of me??) I first stopped at Weaving Southwest and I gotta say “I’m in love.” This place is open and friendly, and the yarn and woven items they have are exquisite! I wish I would’ve taken photos of this place, but I didn’t even think about it… I was too engulfed in all the splendid fiber. They do have an online store, and I am thrilled about that because I don’t live in Taos. I didn’t purchase anything today, but I will go back tomorrow and buy some worsted wool in their “peacock” colorway. ;)

I also stopped at La Lana Wools where the owner was extremely welcoming and friendly. This time I remembered to take photos, and I was permitted to “take as many as I like” and to feel free to “roll around in the yarn.” Awesome. I did.

Im definitely a fiber fiend!

I'm definitely a fiber fiend!

Romney/Mohair blend

Romney/Mohair blend

Hand Dyed Wool

Hand Dyed Wool

Hand Dyed Yarn

Hand Dyed Yarn

Hand Dyed Romney/Mohair

Hand Dyed Romney/Mohair

Did you enjoy that?! I still have plans to go to Taos Sunflower Yarns & Fibers, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to that. Wish you were here! :)

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3 thoughts on “On the Road – Day 3

  1. Christina

    oh my gosh…peacock colorway, now that sounds very interesting

    We sure missed you and the boys tonight! It looks like you guys are having a wonderful trip so far!

  2. jene

    hey steph – looks gr8. don’t leave town without getting in a quicky at taos sunflower. it is the best i’ve ever visited.

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