On the Road – Day 7


We’re home.

I am usually found to put lots of exclamation marks wherever I can when I write, but notice how that first statement lacks one.

I literally feel like I have been ripped from my dream home and made to come back to some hot, bitter, traffic ridden city that I can’t stand. (It’s my blog, I’ll rant if I want to!) My ride back today was quite solemn for me because I kept wanting to scream like a 3 year old for my parents to turn around and take me back. However, I did come up with a brilliant business plan for my future, but will not share it here because I really do think I’m on to something, and I’ll get paranoid of someone stealing it. Yes, I think it’s that good.

My favorite part of this trip was knowing that I have found a favorite place to travel to that doesn’t take very long to get to. When I was younger my parents and I would go camping around the United States on 3-4 week vacations, (and one of those trips was all the way to Canada), so this little 2 day drive to Taos and back was nothin’.
The weather was great despite the rain, but even that wasn’t bad at all because it didn’t rain during the day, so we were able to get out and do things in the sunshine and listened to the rain on our roof at night. The weather was cool, and the scenery was spectacular. It was a trip that I’ve needed for a long time, but now I’m sad because it has ended. Though, I suppose that’s how most vacations end.

I am hoping to go back in October because they have a Wool Festival and I desperately want to go. I’m going to try and save up money to go, but I’m also going to want someone to go with me. I don’t think it will be too hard, but it might be! My parents won’t go because they just don’t get how much these events and crafts mean to me, so I will need to find someone that shares my views on fiber arts. We’ll see!

On a separate note: I finished reading Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit; in fact, I cried. lol… I’m such a sap these days! It’s not that it is such an outstanding book that I never wanted it to end, but it just seemed to hit my emotional buttons so much that I couldn’t put it down. I felt as if I was reading a skewed version of my life in some spots, and wishing I had the character’s life in others. The main character and I have hardly anything in common, but I just felt as if I could share her feelings as if they were my own. So… I recommend this book, but it’s a bit drawn out in the beginning as you read all the character building that goes on.

Guten nacht.

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One thought on “On the Road – Day 7

  1. I know the feeling. And I’m creating my own business plans and schemes myself. Mine focus more on blogging and designing.

    I wanted to comment a while back on your audition. I was a crazy band nut in middle and high school, and I got into music school straight out of college. It’s rough. Really rough. After failing music theory twice and postponing my sophmore recital, I dropped out. I finished my degree in journalism.

    So don’t feel bad. I was at the top of my game, and I fell down. You’re raising two kids. Music school is tougher than most other college programs. Success in music school requires an almost pathological dedication that’s hard to maintain.

    I also here you’ll be at The Knitting Nest this week. Will your wares be for sale?

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