Product Placement.


I dedicate this post to all the goodies and gadgets who made my day awesome.

Product #1:
Hummingbird Farms Lavendar Spa Treatment

Oh how I love thee.  I took a bath with this salt bath oil goodness and it left me feeling totally relaxed and replenished; the lavender was quite effective in the relaxation, and the oils moisturized my much too dry skin.  You can find it at The Knitting Nest (where else do I shop???), or if you’re not in Austin you can purchase it through the Farm’s website.

Product #2:
Louet Julia

I would not be able to make beautiful yarn without you, and you have never done anything wrong… for that, I thank you.

Product #3:
Apple iPod

For settin’ the mood and the groove, you’re one cool cat.  Now, if only I could get your bigger sibling, I will be an extremely happy person!


So that was basically my day in a nutshell; the boys are with their dad all of this weekend, so I decided to take advantage of it and pamper myself a bit.  I got quite a bit of knitting and spinning done, and have set Donny’s sweater on the blocking board.

I’m going to be working at The Knitting Nest tomorrow (Sunday), so drop by and stock up on yarn!  Stacy just got a huge batch of mmmMalabrigo in, and I’m thinking I might bring some goodies of my own. ;)

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One thought on “Product Placement.

  1. Holly

    i do think it quite dangerous for you to be working at the knitting nest. do you actually bring home a paycheck?

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