Fun in Fiber Land!


Today was the Kid-N-Ewe event in Boerne, Texas (pronounced like “Bernie”). This was my first year to go, and I really enjoyed my visit. There was a lot of Alpaca fiber (I bought 16 oz – 8 white, 8 dark brown) and have already begun spinning a little bit of it up. I bought alpaca fiber from Windmill Crest Farms in Seguin, Texas, and also from Cibolo Creek Alpacas in Boerne, Texas . I have no idea what I will make with it yet, but I’m hooked on Alpacas now. Sorry wool.

I still like wool…. but I LOVE alpaca. ;) Especially this little guy:

Here are some of the fiber goodies that I bought (the alpaca isn’t pictured):

The yarn is from Brooks Farm out of Lancaster, Texas, and it was my first taste of their glorious stuff!! The merino fiber I bought is from Heritage Arts just outside of Grandview, Texas. My mom bought the purple “Duet” yarn because she wants me to make her a scarf; with the red I might have enough for a sweater for me (I have 800 yards…); and the green will be a scarf for me.

I also met up with Texas Fiber Mill and I’m thinking about having them spin up some of my hand dyed fiber… we’ll see though! :) I’ve heard people talk about how friendly and welcoming they are, and I completely agree. I’m thinking a visit to the mill is in my near future! lol

Last but certainly not least on my favorites list was Wyatt Spinning Wheels.  Hand crafted.  Smooth as silk. GORGEOUS.  And again, the owner(s)/makers are extremely welcoming and down to earth.  I’m so in love with their wheels and I only spun on their Pegasus model for about 1 minute (I didn’t want to use up their fiber).

So that’s what I did today. I also saw friends from home and people I’ve met at other events. :)

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