Bringin’ In the New Year.


I’m taking the time to reflect back on my year and the changes that I have been through in this post.  I think it’s healthy to just sit and reflect on the events in life because I believe that learning from your experiences help you grow as a person.  Hopefully I become wiser with each passing year!

~~ The biggest project of the year was definitely my self portrait project, properly named The 366 Project.  Lucky me, I got an extra day due to it being a leap year an’ all.  This project taught me to really stick with something and finish it.  I’m not scared of commitment or anything like that but, as my dad says, I’m very “flighty”.  I’m constantly changing my mind, and if I “see something shiny” I feel as if I have to give it a try, but at times I fail to complete my tasks.
All of my project’s photos can be found on my flickr page, but here was my last day of 2008:

~~ The next event that has importance in my life was changing my major to Art.  I am a much happier person at school now because of it – despite the amount of projects I have in one semester!  I still worry a lot about the future (money-wise) with having an art degree, but in the end I think I’ll have a lot more pride with what I chose to graduate with.
In just one semester my art has grown tremendously; going from elementary looking to somewhat decent and creative.  I hope that it only gets better from here!

~~ 2008 is the year in which I started Spinning Colors with all of my hand dyed goodies.  I have had online stores in the past, but didn’t feel as passionately about them as I do Spinning Colors.  I have tons of fun dyeing yarn and fiber, and I’ve found out how much I just enjoy doing it for workmanship and creativity.  I dream that in the future that it can grow into something really successful.

~~ My knitting and crocheting has grown a lot this year, and here’s a photo reflection of all of my completed projects.  There are a few that I failed to take a photo of before they left my hands, but that’s something that I learned to make sure I do with next year’s projects.

What I didn’t include in that bunch was my handspun yarn, which I feel deserves it’s own category.  I’m so thrilled that I learned spin yarn this year!

~~ I suppose that’s all of the “big” events, but I would like to say that this has been one of the best (and busiest) years of my life.  I’ve made friends who make me laugh, my kiddos are happy and healthy and I’m one year closer to graduating.  I’m really quite torn between holding on to 2008 and embracing 2009!

Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope it bring LOTS of joy and peace into your lives.

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3 thoughts on “Bringin’ In the New Year.

  1. Personally, I would never stick a fork in you (intentionally, anyway — I can be pretty clumsy), but so glad that YOU’RE DONE. And getting done-er all the time. Here’s to a wonderful 2009 and another list of amazing things you will have accomplished!

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