Snook, Texas.


Today my family and I took a 2 hour drive to try out some chicken fried bacon at the Sodolak’s Steakhouse in Snook, Texas (about 12 miles from College Station).  How did I hear of this??  Food Network, of course! It was Diners, Drive-ins and Dives “fried” show.

I would love to have given you a photo – but as soon as the waitress brought them out, they were as good as gone.  They have a lot of corn-fed boys out there, so they’re portions are pretty huge, too.  The smallest steak they have is 1 lb!

I finished spinning up some fiber that I was hoping to get some sock yarn out of – but alas, it’s DK weight again. I’ll get sock yarn one of these days!  It’s still purty, though. :)
AND it’s available in the shop.

I hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day weekend. :)

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4 thoughts on “Snook, Texas.

  1. Christina

    the chicken fried bacon! not had it, but I remember people talking about it when I was at aTm and how you could go there and get a HUGE steak. I knew some LEO’s that raved about that place too and those guys knew where to eat.

    Snook is where I totaled my car my freshman year. sigh. I had a hard time going there after that.

  2. Glad to hear that other people drive miles upon miles to eat at places they have seen on TV or read about in magazines. My husband had us go out to Snows BBQ in Lexington after it was voted #1 BBQ in Texas last year. Chicken fried bacon – YUM!!!

    The yarn is beautiful too! I really know nothing about spinning. How do you get the colors to swirl like that? One of these days I will get a wheel. Seems like spinning is a lot of fun!!

  3. Chicken-fried bacon. Are you serious? I don’t see how it can’t be yummy, though.

    Jeff and I got a lot of amusement out of the wait staff at the restaurant at Big Bend explaining the concept of chicken fried steak to tourists from Canada, France, Denmark and other places. They’ll all laughed about it, but we noticed that everyone that ordered it cleaned their plates!

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